Hi!  I'm LM104.   I'm a pro-choice, feminist, tree-hugging liberal/progressive (that's good) and I'm an admin on Liberapedia. 

I have also been known to make stupid spelling errors, so, my apologies. 

Political Positions


The legality of abortion in a society does not accurately predict the country's abortion rate.  Instead, it is avaibility of birth control, which should be sold over-the-counter like tylonel. 

The "pro life" argument utilized by conservatives is a phony way of controlling women. If they were truly pro-life, they'd be stopping genocide and the death penalty.

Same-sex Marriage

Really? There is no good argument against it.


Unlike Fox News, I believe that good politicians can do bad things (Obama's NSA and drone strikes; Clinton signing DOMA) and bad politicians can do good things (Rand Paul opposing drone strikes).  Also different from Fox News is my definition of "good politician."


An unregulated market is not a free market, but one controlled by powerful corporations.  I'm all for a free market, but the most free market is the one regulated by the government so ordinary people can get ahead.


Religion is an individual right, as sanctioned in the now-forgotten constitution.