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Legal Choice This user thinks that abortion should just be legal, but not encouraged or promoted.

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I am Pr1s0n3r0fl1f3666. I am an atheist, a liberal, a socialist, and a transhumanist. Above all, I am a rationalist.

Political position


Economic Left/Right: -8.12 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.51

Political views

  • Abortion- Abortion should be legal at any stage of pregnancy for any reason. Abortion needs to be completely unrestricted and totally free throughout the entire world. There should be no laws requiring informing or consenting with one or both parents in order to have an abortion. Having an abortion is ethically no different than never conceiving a child in the first place.
  • Animal Rights- We need an extensive, well-enforced, and universal system of animal rights. Factory farming needs to be abolished. Farmers who sell products from animals who are treated inhumanely should be forbidden from profiting off of their cruelly-made goods.
  • Capital Punishment- Capital punishment should be abolished. It inevitably leads to the death of innocent people. It also requires extremely expensive trials, so it is non-economical. Many convicted people have had inexperienced court-appointed lawyers during their trials. It is ethically different from abortion on the basis of the fear of death experienced by people on death row, and out of self interest, in the slim chance that I am ever falsely convicted. The relatives of executed people are also affected.
  • Drug Policy- Marijuana, and other less harmful drugs, should be fully legalized. All other drugs should be decriminalized, and heavily regulated. Our policy towards drugs has done nothing but skyrocket our rate of incarceration, and has caused a violent drug war in Mexico. If people addicted to hard drugs no longer live with the fear of punishment, they will be more inclined to seek help. If their drug is banned, they will merely go to the black market.
  • Education- Classroom attendance, at least in its current form, should not be compulsory. I view primary and secondary schooling in their current forms as a training program to make people obedient. I am in no way against education. I am, however, against the current education sustem. Our education system is outdated. Most of the things learned there have zero application in the real world. There should be more options available for education, so people can choose the learning style that suits them. However, there should not be schools that indoctrinate people into a particular religion. Education should also be free. Education should be subsidised by the state through the college level. With a reformed education system, this will allow the working class to be better educated, and people will not be enslaved by student loans. Education at outrageous prices is a disincentive for people to become better educated, and causes fewer people to have careers such as doctors and scientists.
  • Environment- We need strict laws to prevent harm to the environment, preventing harm to us all. Under the current capitalist system, environmental damage is in some ways encouraged, because it maximizes profit. SUVs should be outlawed.
  • Guns- I support the right to bear arms. If gun control is enacted, it will most likely just lead to a black market, just like all other items that are banned. Strong gun rights aid the people in overthrowing a government that becomes authoritarian and repressive. Our current government seems to be heading in that direction. Concealed weapons also prevent crime. Criminals will avoid a populace that is armed, because them committing crimes would get them killed.
  • Health Care- We need a system of single-payer universal health care. Under the current system, we are one incident away from being under a mountain of debt, for something that we often have little control over.
  • LGBT rights- LGBT couples should be allowed to marry, and have all of the same rights as straight people. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act should be universal. Institutionalized discrimination of LGBT people is a violation of secularism, and a violation of freedom.
  • Immigration- It should be easier for foreigners to legally immigrate to the United States. By doing so, we are improving their lives, as well as improving our own lives long-term. With immigration, and the provision of education, there will be a higher number of ambitious, educated people who could boost our economy and improve the world with their ideas and feats. The capitalist class needs it to be difficult for people to legally immigrate, so there is a method to strike fear into the minds of unregistered immigrants. Because of this, illegal immigrants work jobs far below minimum wage, live in poverty, and live in fear of repatration.
  • Military- The military budget needs to be scaled back. Our bloated military takes away money that could be used to provide for the people. Our imperialist ways lead to more hatred, and therefore end up causing more conflict.
  • Taxes- The taxes on the wealthiest 1%, the rulers of the current capitalist order, need to be drastically raised. We should also have negative taxes for the poorest individuals. We should strive to create an entirely classless society.

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