Proxima Centauri
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I'm Proxima Centauri here.

Liberapedia gives the opinions of American Liberals and left leaning people worldwide. Liberapedia aims to entertain as well as educate.

  1. Some of the articles are serious.
  2. Other articles are satirical and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
  3. Yet more articles mix truth with satire.

We hope users will like to contribute to Liberapedia and will enjoy reading articles.

I'm Proxima Centauri many other Wikis as well. I'm Proxima Centauri already on Fiction Wikia. I write science fiction there and I try and keep it fairly scientific.

Incidentally I'm a British woman, but I sometimes like men who are a bit feminine. Well the best relationship I ever had was with a bisexual man so I understand gay issues. The way homophobic Christian fundamentalists treat Gay people especially gay men is a type of abuse and I despise them.

When I first started at Liberapedia American Liberals were fighting to get George W. Bush out, to get Universal Health Care and the like. Liberapedia was very much involved in all this and this fitted my Social Democrat aims so I was sure Liberapedia suited me.

Today I’m disappointed that the Conservative Party have a majority in the United Kingdom and I fear many Poor people will get badly hurt.

I’m certainly a Liberal the way people in the United States use the term. I care about Freedom as all Liberals do but I also care about issues like government regulation to promote the public good. My views fit comfortably within the range which Social Democrats support but I only just fit into the range of views called Liberal.

I'm a weak Atheist or agnostic.