Utopia was the title of a book that Thomas More wrote, the Greek word can mean a good place or nowhere. The word Utopia generally is used to mean a place that is impossibly good or too good to be true. Utopianism is striving for a community that looks good but is unrealistic. Trying to achieve utopia can easily make things worse.

Popper argued that the utopian planners’ historicism makes them indifferent to the misery that their plans cause. Having uncovered what they believe is inevitable en route to utopia, they all too easily countenance any suffering as a necessary part of that process, and, moreover, they will be inclined to see such suffering as outweighed by the benefits that will flow to all once utopia is reached. [1]

Then of course utopia never happens so all the misery was for nothing.

For nations that make their citizens Happy in realistic ways see Happy nations.

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