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A physical map of Vermont, with county boundaries

Vermont is the fourteenth state, it is a small state in New England. Politically it is the bluest-of-Blue States, and also the greenest-of-green. With great common sense. Howard Dean is from Vermont. Vermont has also elected a self proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders into the US House of Representatives and later the Senate. This educated, hip, gay-friendly culture is centered around the awesome Lake Champlain in the city of Burlington. Vermont is also the least religious state. Be warned however, the rural Vermonsters are the red and angry minority. They personally hold Bernie Sanders responsible for high jacking "their" vote by allowing voter registration of the entire college population at UVM [1]. Vermont's common sense is really influenced by the liberal Canadian province Québec. The capital of Vermont is Montpellier.

9/11 has also changed its national guard.[1]

Gun rights

Vermont has some of the strongest gun rights in the entire nation.[2] Guns are unrestricted in Vermont. No permit is required to own a gun. Loaded pistols are also allowed in cars without a permit. Other factors affect gun crime as well as the availability of guns. Guns bought in Vermont are frequently taken to other states and used for crime in those other states. Vermont isn't perfect[3]

Religion in Vermont

Vermont is the least religious state in America. It is said that as much as 8 percent identify as Atheist while 20-30% are non-religious; deist; or agnostic


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  1. Everything you need to know to vote in Vermont!

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