Socialist Republic of Vietnam
President: Nguyễn Minh Triết
Government: "Republic"
Capital: Hanoi

Vietnam, better known by the Americans as Iraq I, is a small Communist republic in south east Asia. It is bordered by Laos, Cambodia and China.

Vietnam is famous throughout the world for kicking America's ass in the second Indochina War. Despite America's involvement being projected as glorious, the US forces suffered heavy casualties and were forced to retreat from the country. Ultimately, the United States were responsible for the deaths of over 4 million people in south east Asia. The Communists caused an unspecified number of deaths too.

Before reunification in 1975, Vietnam was divided into north and south, the north being Communist, and the south being far more politically and economically liberal, though a lot more prone to the influence of the United States. After the Second Indochina War, the country was unified under the Communist totalitarian government.


Americans fear a second Vietnam.

Vietnam currently labels itself as a Socialist Republic, with a one party system. Elections and opposing parties have been outlawed.

Internet censorship is also common, with pornographic, political and social networking websites being blocked by firewalls constantly. Internet cafes bear notices reminding patrons not to visit these sites.

Despite the political repression, the Vietnamese people have are allowed to do what they want with their own lives, to a certain extent.

Vietnam was recently compared to their war in Iraq by the Americans, with the US administration and media fearing "a second Vietnam" in Iraq. By this, of course, they mean the Vietnam war, but no one seems to refer to it as that, because no typical American has heard of Vietnam otherwise.

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