Voter ID Laws require that people show photo ID before voting. Conservatives support this, as it can be used to supress Democrats from voting, and we all know they can't win fairly (See Gerrymandering2000 U.S. Presidential Election and 2004).

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Voter ID to a Conservative

Gotta stop that Voter Fraud! Who cares if Voter Fraud doesn't actually happen? [1][2] If we don't have Voter ID Laws in place, Democrats will vote, and we can't have democracy or anything like that!

Voter ID to a Smart Person

Voter Fraud doesn't actually happen, so there's no reason to really have these laws in place. 11% of Americans don't have any form of Voter ID, so you end up keeping a massive chunk of the population from voting. Many of those without Photo ID are poor, so they can't afford to buy ID. Effectively, Voter ID is a poll tax, which violates the 24th Amendment to the [[Constitution as well as the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment. Voter ID Laws act as a form of voter suppression, preventing lower income voters from voting. Additionally, of Americans without photo ID, the vast majority are minorities, younger voters, the elderly, poor voters, and the disabled, groups that typically vote Democrat. The previous sentence is a perfect explanation as to why Republicant's want Voter ID laws, so they can win. But the only states that require Voter ID are in the Bible Belt and the Appalacians.  

Voter ID Laws truly are an unconstitutional impediment to voting the imposition of Voter ID Laws may play well politically, but may have some real problems:

  • States will be forced to defend unconstitutional Voter ID Laws in court at considerable expense
  • States attorneys wont be able to argue that the Voter ID Laws are necessary to prevent fraud
  • Courts may force States with Voter ID Laws to make the IDs free and easily obtainable. This would create even more expense for States.