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WebMD Weapons of Mass Destruction. This term is meant to refer to nuclear weapons, but in recent times it has come also to refer to biological weapons, chemical weapons, and sometimes no weapons at all.

According to George W. Bush, if a country even has knowledge about how to make weapons of mass destruction, that counts. Since any Country that has access to the internet can find out how to make WMD, everyone is fair game, even France And Monaco.

That doesn't make sense. It still can give an excuse for Americans to go tlo War.

The more oil a country has the more chance it has American Conservatives will pretend it owns them.

The USA probably has more than the rest of the world put together - WMD that is, not oil. Although they do consume more oil than any other country. They just don't have it. Until they capture it from everyone else.

Dubya underestimated the resistance he got in Iraq. If he'd known how difficult things would get there he probably wouldn't have pretended they had WMD's. (Actually Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons and Dubya knew because Ronald Reagan very generously supplied them in the 1980's. In the 21st Century, American supplied chemical weapons are lying around in the Desert and will likely get into the hands of very violent Terrorists. [1]

Grammer Error in the Acronym

When people write and say 'WMDs', it's like saying 'weapons of mass destructions', implying multiple destructions with multiple weapons. The correct usage is just 'WMD', it already implies plurality. Since the former President and his cabinet didn't use proper grammar, his followers don't either.

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