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Not All Muslims are Like what is described here . Wahhabism is a fringe sect of Islam

Wahhabism is a Radical, Conservative , Fundamentalist, Terroristic, Far-Right , Hateful and Bigoted sect of Sunni Islam. Wahhabism is the Most extreme and Hateful Sect Of Islam. Wahhabism is the Only sect Of Islam beliefs in Violence . [1][2][3][4][5][6]That was founded By Muhammad Ibn Abd-al Wahhab (1702-1792).


Wahhabism is the Official Religion of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia tries to spread Wahhabism [7][8] across the Globe and It funds Wahhabi Terrorism [9][10][11].

Wahhabism is Also Common in Afghanistan due to the Taliban [12][13]. Wahhabism is Common In Qatar among the Sunni Population [14].

Source of Terrorism in The Muslim World

Wahhabism is the Only sect of The Islamic Faith that teaches Terrorism and Barbarism against NON-BELIEVERS ( everyone else).

Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Wahhab Taught Violence against Non-Muslims, Sufis Muslims and Shia Muslims [15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23]


As you would expect from a Crazy Fundamentalists they hate LGBTQ+ but Wahhabis ke it to a extreme they execute LGBT In Wahhabi Majority Saudi Arabia they execute LGBT people [24] [25]. And Wahhabi Terror Groups like ISIS and the Taliban [26][27] Also excute LGBTQ people.

This is a photo from Wahhabi Majority Saudi Arabia of LGBTQ being killed

Wahhabis kills LGBTQ+ people

Anti Christian

Wahhabism is Very Anti-Christian they Hate Christianity and Christians under Wahhabi Rule are Severely Persecuted or even killed .

Muhammad Ibn Abd Wahhab Al Wahhab Said and Promoted Anti-Christian Bigotry . [28][29]. In Wahhabi Majority Saudi Arabia Christians are Not Allowed to Worship

in Public, Not allowed to distribute Bibles Or Proselytize their Religion . [30][31][32][33][34]. ISIS and Taliban which are Wahhabi Terrorist Groups Kills Christians [35][36][37][38][39]


Wahhabi Group (ISIS) Is executing Christians

Wahhabis Killing Christians

Anti Shia

Wahhabism is Anti Shia .Shia Muslims are Persecuted and Even Killed Under Wahhabi Rule . In Wahhabi Majority Saudi Arabia Shia Muslims are persecuted

[41][42][43] [44]. Wahhabi Terrorists group kill Innocent Shia Muslims Just for Following a different Sect Of Islam [45][46][47][48]and destroy There Mosques [49][50].

Shia Muslims are the Religious Minority being killed the most by Wahhabis . Wahhabis sacked the Shia Holy city of Karbala, Iraq in 1802[51].

Shia Muslims also helped the Fight against Wahhabi ISIS and Taliban [52][53][54][55].

Wahhabis Destroy Shia Shrine