Flag of Wales 2.svg
Flag of Wales
Capital: Cardiff
Status: Semi-autonomous region of United Kingdom
Population 2.9 million
Area 8,022 sq miles (20,779 sq km)

Wales is one of the four constituent countries that make up the United Kingdom. It is much nicer than People make out, even though there are a lot of religious nutters there along with all the sheep. And that does mean, along with the sheep. It Rains incessantly and the Locals eat a lot of seaweed. They call it lava bread, but it's sea weed really.

There is a Welsh Assembly with power to legislate on some matters. The Welsh National party also enjoys establishing more signs in Welsh. As you enter the country the signs have English first, then Welsh: As you go deeper inside, they slowly switch to Welsh first and then English which is problematic when driving a car at any reasonable speed. As you enter the innermost north of the country, mae'n yn Cymraeg yn unig.

The national motto is "Cymru. Lle mae dynion yn ddynion a defaid yn nerfus". You can see this on signs on all major routes entering Wales and inside the main chamber of the National Assembly in Cardiff.

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