Walter Mondale (born 1928) is a former lawyer who was United States Vice President under Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981, and the Democratic Nominee for President in 1984. He was a candidate for Senator from Minnesota in 2002 and we believe he was a Statesman.

Walter Mondale

Mondale was a liberal politician supporting raising taxes on the rich creating universal health care, supported an Equal Rights Amendment, and an end to the cold war, he criticized Reaganomics saying it was only good for the rich (which was true), Mondale was a great presidential candidate and ahead of his time. And unlike his opponent Reagan, Mondale actually knew what he was talking about.

Promising to raise taxes may have been an unwise decision, we’re also unsure about his choice of Geraldine Ferraro to be Vice-President. Ferraro herself has said she would not have been picked for Vice-President if she had been a man.


Reagan-Mondale debate "There you go again" again

Walter Mondale owns Reagan at the debates

It may have been the worst Democratic presidential campaign of the last century, with the exception of George McGovern's, since Mondale was ahead of his time and Americans couldn't see the value of what he advocated.

While he was Vice President, he was the first vice President to dramatically increase the power of the position. Before him, with a few exceptions, the Vice President didn't do much, unless the president died.