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Welfare state means different things in different countries, but, in general, welfare state means that the state provides for its citizens in different ways preventing or reducing Poverty. A welfare state protects Democracy because citizens who get state assistance generally don't become so desperate that they join Communist or Fascist revolutions, get involved in terrorism, Civil war or civil unrest.

Examples of welfare state provision:-

  1. Universal Health Care
  2. Pensions for older citize.ns.
  3. Affordable college and other further education provision for younger citizens. This improves a Nation's Economy as well because educated citizens become more productive workers.


Sadly, a few people commit welfare fraud and rich people definitely commit tax fraud as well, so those are both bad extremes.

Conservatives are afraid of welfare states because they want to use their money to buy things they won't admit to and get luxuries like private jets that they don't need. After all, corporate whores don't share. 

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