West Virginia is a state in the Mid-Atlantic part of the United States, although culturally it is part of The South. Their capital is Charleston.

West Virginia is bordered by the states of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky. Virginia was the state for which it was named as it was originally part of Virginia but broke off during the American civil war.

Many people forget that West Virginia exists when trying to list all 50 states, because there is no East Virginia, and because not very much of consequence happens in the state. It's population is rather small, and almost uniformly conservative. As far as our scientists can tell, there is no logic to this, as West Virginia is one of the poorest states in the United States, only Mississippi is poorer. [1] West Virginia thus should benefit from having a kind, benevolent, and most importantly competent liberal President.

The state as a whole seems to have bought into the conservative propaganda machine. It used to be a fairly liberal state, even voting for Jimmy Carter when Ronald Reagan won in a landslide in 1980. Democrats still do pretty well at the state-wide level, however, representing the state's two senators, governor, and both legislative  houses.

In the Civil War West Virginia was a "free state".