Middle East

Western Asia, the Middle East the Near East is western part of Asia. Due to Eurocentrism, international organizations such as the United Nations, have replaced Middle East and Near East with Western Asia.

This region and Europe are collectively referred to as Western Eurasia.

Western Asia or whatever else the region is called is where Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Zoroastrianism all began. Throughout history people have fought and killed each other in the Middle East over religion. They’ve fought and killed each other over other things as well. Today, people fight in the Middle East over religion and over Oil, fueled by capitalism and corporate greed. Muslim terrorists connected with the Middle East and based in Afghanistan attacked the World Trade Center & Pentagon on 9/11. The Americans attacked Afghanistan. That was self defense.[citation needed] The Americans also attacked Iraq. That was because American business wanted oil. But it didn’t come out as well as George W. Bush wanted.

Between Western Asia and Africa is the Red Sea.