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William Wilberforce was the British MP who, in the late 18th Century, was responsible among others including Olaudah Equiano for the abolition of the slave trade in Britain. He is buried next to his friend, then-Prime Minister William Pitt.

William Wilberforce undoubtedly did a great deal of good by ending Britain's part in the horror of slavery and the slave trade. Despite this Wilberforce was accused of hypocrisy because he did nothing about the horrendous conditions of the working classes in 18th Century and 19th Century Britain.

Sentient beings with owners

William Wilberforce also started the first animal charity in the world. His charity still exists as the "Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals". It seems he was concerned for sentient beings that human beings own. He cared about human slaves and also about animals that have an owner. Unfortunately Wilberforce opposed giving workers the right to form Trade Unions. He didn't want workers to organise themselves and protect themselves against cruel employers. It appears Wilberforce couldn't see the connection between slavery and Wage slavery when human beings are forced to work in very bad conditions or starve.


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