William Joshua Montague (born December 12, 1987 in Morehead City, North Carolina) is the pastor and founder of Renaissance Outreach Ministries International in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and a Republican candidate for the Broken Arrow City Council 4.

Early life

Montague was born to Ronald Earl Montford, Sr. and Katrina Annette Montague at Carteret General Hospital also in Morehead City but was raised by his great-grandmother, Maggie Becton Bell when he turned 5. He was baptized at Faith Tabernacle of Praise International Ministries by Bishope Donald M. Crooms. Sr. He attended St. Luke's Missionary Baptist Church in Morehead City for 17 years and claimed to have heard God's voice in June 1997. He served as Choir Director, Usher, Deacon, and Armor Bearer at St. Luke's. He resigned from there and joined Praise International for only 3 years. He attended West Carteret High School from 2002-2006 and during that time, he was Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class President, Junior Commissioner of Men Athletics, Senior Adviser, King of the African American History Club, Chairman of the Teenage Republicans for three counties, on the Bicycle Plan Committee, was on the DECA TEAM, and won the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Award. In 2004, he founded B.L.A.C.K. (Bright, Loving, Awesome, Caring, Kids Gatherings), a non-profit organization. He studied to become a pastor to which he was given his official certificate for on April 20, 2008 from Powerhouse Ministries Unlimited, Inc and had been ordained then. He traveled to India for 5 months in 2009 and established a church there while "preaching the gospel." In early 2010, he started the Black Republicans Association of Oklahoma. He resides/resided in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Tea Party

Willie Montague has attended local Tea Party rallies. [1] Does Montague understand tokenism? Does he realize the Tea party may be using him to disguise Racist elements within the movement?

The Tea party harms Poor people because cutting taxes reduces Welfare spending. Also the Tea party opposes Obamacare and when sick people can't afford medical insurance Obamacare can mean the difference between life and death literally. Can anyone follow Christian teachings and also agree with the Tea Party? Readers may like to look at the quote below and make up their own minds.

Christianity teaches that we should help Poor people but Conservative Christians assume people are at fault for their poverty. Inevitably during Economic hard times when help for poor people is most needed people can afford to give less to charity. Despite this charitable giving is the only help for poor people Conservatives approve.

The quote above is from the Liberapedia article on the Religious Right. Readers may like to Read the whole article and see how selective Christian Republicans are in following the New Testament.

Is it a good Metaphor to compare The Tea party to Snakes? At least one person compared them to snakes due to the harm they did to their own party, to the United States and to the World during the Fiscal Cliff 2013. See Republicans and the Tea Party: Embracing the Snake. The Tea party are also like snakes because they slither through the grass and bite poor people. The Tea party bite poor people through cuts to welfare spending so poor people face many problems including

  1. Poor people in cold areas can't afford to keep warm in winter.
  2. Poor in many areas and all seasons need soup kitchens to avoid going hungry.
  3. The Tea Party tried to bite poor people by preventing Obamacare getting through. They failed there so many Americans could get conditions like possible Cancer investigated early enough to save their lives even if they couldn't pay. Now Trump has undermined Obamacare and people could risk dying unnecessarily yet again.

Who Montague really was

It's claimed Montague was very closed-minded especially when it comes to religion. It's claimed he was actually "prophesied" to become a pastor when he was only 2. [2] Ha, even Jesus Christ wasn't that young when he was studying in the temple. Funny he's also an African-American conservative Republican and yet he was less conservative once, it's claimed had a Kerry-Edwards '04 sticker on one of his notebooks when he was still at West Carteret High School. He even had a lot of Black friends.

Who Montague is now

His supporters tried to frighten us into not criticising him because he is a pastor. [3] This is potentially a serious attack on Free speech. When a person runs for public office [2][3] or is involved in politics generally voters need to know what he/she is like so they can make an informed decision. But he is right about Santa Claus being non-existant and is a corporatist assault on Christmas.