Word of Life Bible Institute is a strict Fundie School system operating three different campuses (Hudson, Florida, Pottersville, New York, as well as one in Canada). Like many Fundie Schools, they believe in Young Earth Creationism.


Chapel/Spiritual Life

  • Chapel services are held three times a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). Student attendance is required.
  • Students are also required to take notes during chapel
  • Sunday church attendance is required.
  • Dorm devotions are required events that take place nightly Monday thru Thursday.
  • "Quiet Time" is set daily on campus.
    • "Quiet Time" diaries must be filled out by each student and are checked by Residential Assistants periodically.
  • Mandatory conferences are held throughout the year.


  • Before viewing any movie, listening to any music, or playing any video game, students must attend a seminar that most likely goes over the "dangers" of movie watching.
  • Any movie, song, or video game must be approved by the Dean.
  • The campus Wi-Fi features a "firewall" which blocks all many forms of content.

Dating and Marriages

  • All marriage plans must be approved by the Student Life Department before the start of the semester.
  • Any divorced or separated student will not be allowed to date while attending Word of Life.
  • Any dating couple must have a third-party person or chaperone present with them at all times.
  • Any dorm visitor must be of the same gender and between the ages of 16 and 30.

Dress Code


  • Hair may not hang below the ears
  • No mohawks
  • No dreadlocks
  • No beards or mustaches
  • No earrings or other piercings
  • No T-shirts or tank tops in class


  • Hairstyles must be "feminine"
  • No dreadlocks
  • Classroom
    • No tank tops
    • No t-shirts
    • No ball caps
    • No sweatpants
    • No athletic shorts
  • One-Pieces must be worn for swimming
    • Cover-ups and shorts must be worn while traveling to and from



  • Warnings can be distributed by the Residential Assistants for violations such as having a dirty room or study hour violations

One Demerit Violations

  • A single demerit can be received for certain infraction, such as:
    • Getting three "warnings"
    • Skipping "quiet time"
    • Dress code infraction
    • Not paying attention during a conference

Five Demerit Violations

  • Five demerits can be received for more serious violations, such as:
    • Missing curfew beyond 30 minutes
    • Skipping a required event

Work Hours

  • Work hours are received for every five (5) demerits.
    • This probably involves hard labor or possibly even corporal punishment due to the fact the handbook states those with "work hours" must report to the "maintenance shed".


  • If a student is campused they are not allowed to leave grounds without prior permission.
  • Meals are limited to 30 minutes

Fire Drills

Word of Life Bible Institute's fire drill policies are very questionable and even come across as racist and sexist.

  • All men and women of North and South America must assemble at the Council Hall.
  • Any woman not from North or South America must assemble at the Field House.
  • The two bullet points above also apply for ACTUAL FIRES.
  • If fires or fire drills happen during class time, different students go to different locations based on status as well.
    • Freshmen and 1st-year-students go to the J.W.C. Parking Lot
    • All others go to the Council Hall Parking Lot.


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