In dollar terms, what group of Americans steals the most from their fellow citizens each year? The answer might surprise you: It’s employers, many of whom are committing what’s known as wage theft. It’s not just about underpaying workers. They’re not paying workers what they’re legally owed for the labor they put in. It takes different forms: not paying workers the federal, state, or local minimum wage; not paying them overtime; or just monkeying around with job titles to avoid regulations. No one knows exactly how big a problem wage theft is, but in 2012 federal and state agencies recovered $933 million for victims of wage theft. By comparison, all the property taken in all the robberies of all types in 2012, solved or unsolved, amounted to a little under $341 million. [1]

Work is something that you do - not because you like it, but because it's something you have to do to stay alive or get a reasonable standard of living. Some lucky people find their work fulfilling but many people hate it. Even if work is painful at times, it is something that we are obligated to do, if we want society to improve and advance.

The workers should have satisfactory working conditions and should have adequate vacation time, as well as adequate pay. Unfortunately Poor people in Developed countries and Third World people too frequently endure unpleasant, exhausting, degrading work in bad, even unsafe conditions. And better off people don't always get what they're entitled to.

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