While this is more of a Conservapedia thing, we at Liberapedia would like to recognize some of the Worst Conservative Movie Characters, even though there are also tons of great liberal movie characters out there. The list below contains some of the more egregious examples of such.

Warning: Some of the following content may be seen as offensive, disturbing, or upsetting towards some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. Feel free to add to the list.

  1. Harold Attinger (Transformers franchise): A corrupt CIA agent who is very xenophobic and also thinks that “all aliens are bad”, thus the reason why he wants to eliminate all Transformers, whether they are good or bad. It also goes to show his blatant ignorance.
  2. James Savoy (Transformers franchise): For the same basic reasons as Harold Attinger, plus he’s an insufferable brownnosing weasel to him.
  3. Gladys Sharp (Over the Hedge): Cruel towards animals, plus she’s a capitalist pig.
  4. Dwayne LaFontant (Over the Hedge): A cruel and unethical exterminator who sucks up to Gladys Sharp.
  5. Vincent (Over the Hedge): A black bear who is oppressive towards the smaller and weaker animals, and is also very greedy.
  6. Stan Beals (The Ant Bully): Another cruel exterminator, only he unethically deals with insects instead of small mammals. He also makes a child sign a contract.
  7. Shaw (Open Season): For the same basic reasons as Stan Beals and Dwayne LaFontant, only he’s a hunter instead of an exterminator.
  8. Regina George (Mean Girls): A capitalist pig and popular high school girl who thinks she’s better than everyone else just because she’s wealthy. She is also homophobic and anti-goth.
  9. Bobby Pellitt (Horrible Bosses): A corrupt boss who also has zero respect for the environment.
  10. David Harken (both Horrible Bosses movies): A capitalist pig and corrupt boss.
  11. Julia Harris (both Horrible Bosses movies): A corrupt boss and misandrist who gives feminists a bad name.
  12. Mayor Muldoon (The Nut Job 2): A corrupt mayor who is also a capitalist pig and anti-environmentalist.
  13. Heather Muldoon (The Nut Job 2): For the same basic reasons as Regina George, only she's the mayor's daughter and a much younger spoiled brat.
  14. Gunther (The Nut Job 2): For the same basic reasons as Shaw, Dwayne LaFontant, and Stan Beals, only he's an animal control officer instead of an exterminator or hunter.
  15. Chantel DuBois (Madagascar 3): A cruel, sadistic, and corrupt animal control officer who is just as bad as Shaw, Dwayne LaFontant, Stan Beals, and Gunther, only she's a Frenchwoman instead of an American or Swedish man.

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