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YouTube is a website for users who want to put video clips onto the Internet or access videos that are there. Music is also accessible on YouTube. Amateurs and professionals use the site as do large commercial organisations. Anyone can download material from YouTube but only registered users can upload. The site has responded to criticism that cyberbullying is allowed there. Officially potentially offensive videos are available only to users over 18 years old but the author has downloaded adult content without having to give proof of age. However, cyberbullying still remains.


14th February 2005: The domain "youtube (dot) com" is bought, and is based above a pizzeria in San Bruno, CA!

23rd April 2005: First vid uploaded, titled "Me at the zoo"!

11th April 2006: Deals with Google started, to buy YouTube so that the 3 founders could be let off from all the companies filing complaints TO THE FOUNDERS for copyrighted stuff that USERS uploaded (for some reason).

10th October 2006: Google buys YouTube for $1.65Billion!

18th November 2006: HQ for Youtube changed from pizzeria to a tri-square -looking building, also in San Bruno, CA!

1st May 2007: YouTube Partnership Program introduced, allowing people to monetize vids using Google AdSense!

April 2009: HuluTube debate! People were worried that YouTube was going too corporate, and like Hulu!

22nd December 2009: youtu (dot) be links introduced for the purpose of shortening tweets when linking to vids.

May 2010: Replaced 5-star rating system with 2-thumbs system.

July 2010: YouTube HQ changed again! This time, to a cool-looking building, in the same city.

2012: Massive layout shift, plus, many EPIC YouTubers started this year.

January 2014: Everyone predicted that NO MORE new YouTubers would be noticed, that turned out to be bullshit, as there are channels with 100k subs which started in 2014, and channels rising 1k per day who started in 2015.

Creationist Vote bots

Creationists can't disprove the good science that explains why creationism is a load of crap. Instead, creationists used vote bots in early 2007, these vote bots will give as many as 500 one star ratings to a video in a matter of hours. Stuff that normally should have very good ratings has been hit.


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